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What is World Book Day?

What is World Book Day?
Thursday 26, 2017

Let's Read!

Held every year for the past two decades, World Book Day reminds us of the value of books and reading. Even today, as much as 17% of the world's adult population remains illiterate, two thirds of them being women. Underwritten by UNESCO and celebrated in more than a hundred countries worldwide, World Book Day allows us to commend authors, publishers, libraries and educators while reminding ourselves of the pleasures to be found in the written word. The aims of World Book Day are to spread awareness of the importance of reading, pay homage to great authors and literary works, and impart information around copyright issues.

The National Book Tokens Campaign

Considering the correlation between book ownership and learning, it just makes sense to encourage reading by making books available to the younger generation. Primary schools, as well as specifically associated secondary schools and pre-schools, will be sent age appropriate World Book Day Resource Packs. Containing posters, games and helpful hints, these will allow teachers and pupils to get interested in participating in World Book Day.

As an additional bonus, National Book Tokens, Ltd is going to distribute millions of bookshop vouchers to the youth in the United Kingdom and Ireland – approximately one for every person in the country aged under 18.

These are completely free, and are sent out solely to bring the world of printed knowledge and entertainment to the younger generation. These tokens can be presented at any cooperating retailer to walk away with any one of ten exclusive new books without paying a cent! Alternatively, they can be used to claim a discount of one pound off any book (including audio books) normally priced at over £2.99, subject to certain terms and conditions.

How You Can Help

If you are involved with a youth group, educational establishment or community centre, have a look at our downloadable resources for more ideas about spreading the word and kindling excitement about the world of books. Something as simple as reading aloud to a group of children will take up very little of your time, and will quite possibly have greater positive effects than you can imagine.

Why Reading Matters

Even in an intellectual atmosphere dominated by Facebook statuses and Twitter, the reading of books printed on actual low-tech paper still fulfils an important function. We can gain knowledge, increase our understanding of the world at large through second hand experiences, and get to know a little bit about those from different cultures and circumstances.


Not enough people know about World Book Day in our opinion. We’ve put our World Book Day Badges in one place for you to purchase leading up to the big event. We say wear them with pride!

We even have a commemorative badge than you can personalise with your School Name, making the event very personal to your School.

Click HERE to view it.

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