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International Literacy Day 2017: Literacy In A Digital World

International Literacy Day 2017: Literacy In A Digital World
Friday 01, 2017

International Literacy Day Aims To Tackle Lack of Literacy Skills Challenges

The theme for 2017’s International Literacy Day, which is Sept. 8, is “Literacy in a Digital World.”

The two-day special, invite-only event – Sept. 7 and 8 – will take place at the UNESCO’s headquarters in Paris. The goal is to determine what type of literacy skills people must have to traverse societies that have become dependent upon on digital media and to look at the various literacy programs and policies that will help them to use opportunities the digital world has to provide.

Why The Focus On Digital Technology and Literacy

Digital technology is fast changing how people learn, work, live and socialize. It's opening up all kinds of possibilities to people – to help them better all aspects of their life such as networking, industrial production, information access, social services, mode of work, etc.

People without access to these digital technologies fall significantly behind in their skills and knowledge and are unable to use them effectively. These folks are often looked down upon in societies that have embraced the digital technology.

One of the most important skills a person can have – needs to have – in the digital world is the skill of literacy.

With the evolution of knowledge and skills in the digital world, the meaning of literate also changes. In an effort to close the gap in literacy skills and decrease the inequalities, the 2017 International Literacy Day will focus on the challenges and prospects in endorsing literacy in the digital world. There are roughly 750 million adults and 264 million school-aged children (not in school) that do not have the basic literacy skills.

International Literacy Day is a worldwide celebration that brings communities, learners, teachers, governments, experts and multi- and bilateral organizations together. The event is used to highlight achievements and look at ways to deal with the rest of the challenges facing literacy promotion as part of the 2030 Education Agenda.

The “Literacy in a Digital World” and UNESCO International Literacy Prizes Awards Ceremony will be Sept. 8.

There are three goals of the international conference:

• To develop an in-depth understanding of what type of literacy skills people must have to traverse the digital world and what it means for literacy learning and teaching.

• To examine and share the programs, policies, monitoring and evaluations along with the financing to advance literacy in the digital world.

To look at how digital technologies can fund progress toward the Sustainable Development Goal.


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