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Why Choose Personalised School Badges...

Why Choose Personalised School Badges...
Tuesday 19, 2017

Personalise Your School Badges

School Badges UK offers a wide range of Personalised School Badges for every occasion. Customers that are looking to add their own personal twist on a school badge can search our personalised school badge collection.

No Title? No Problem!

Our new personalised section caters specifically to customers that haven't found the title they need in our other badge sections. No two children are the same and neither are our personalised badge options. Shoppers can choose from our various styles to personalise. Our selection includes the enamelled bar badge, the enamelled shield badge, the personalised metal shield badge, the music clef badge, the personalised plastic button badge, the scalloped handshake badge, the scalloped trophy badge and the trophy badge.

Our personalised school badges are perfect for special occasions like, field days, special events and school positions. Shoppers can take one of our stock badges listed in this section and personalise the text, colour and other details to your needs. Whether you personalise by the pupils title in school or by their achievement, these badges will definitely make their day.

Why Personalised is the Perfect Touch

When a child receives a personalised badge after accomplishing or winning something, they tend to feel more recognition than if they were to receive a generic badge. Having a personalised message or just adding your school name sends a good feeling to the pupil.

Personalised badges have been shown to motivate children and encourage them to continue performing well or entice them to improve their performance, both in and outside of school. For children, knowing that there is a reward created specifically for them is just the right kind of motivation. These specialty badges can be pinned to clothing or put up in the classroom for all to see. With out wonderful range of title-less badges, teachers can reward a whole class with our specialty badges.

If you have searched our entire inventory and can't find the right message for your student or child, look no further than or personalised section. Our personalised badges will be designed to say the best message... yours. Don't wait until the school year is over to reward a special group of pupils.

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